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We Recycle Today for a Greener Massachusetts Tomorrow

Recycling matters! 

Total Comfort Mechanical is committed to the responsibility we all share in caring for the environment. Recycling not only saves energy, water and valuable resources such as trees and metal, but it also reduces pollution and creates industry and jobs.

Recycle2sm Recycle3sm

Our recycle dumpster in Burlington is filled every week with the two yards of paper and plastic that is collected from new equipment packaging and other waste.   When removing your old equipment, our EPA-certified technicians safely remove and handle hazardous refrigerant following all safety procedures to prevent leaks into the atmosphere and ground.  Out of service equipment is dismantled and we ensure that all metals are recycled. 

Recycling at home is one of the easiest ways to do something good for the environment. Nearly all Massachusetts cities and towns offer residents recycling opportunities. To learn more about recycling and hazardous household product management programs in or near your community, visit Energy & Environmental Affairs at Mass.gov to find the alphabetical listings by city.

About Total Comfort Mechanical

With over 13 years of experience, we serve the Massachusetts cities of Burlington, Bedford, Billerica, Lexington, Wilmington, Winchester, Woburn and surrounding New England areas in Middlesex County, MA.  As community members and a family-owned business, we put the highest priority on respecting the needs and concerns of the people around us and caring for the environment.

We treat our customers and their homes with respect and make sure we leave our job site even cleaner than it was before we started to work. From our first meeting to the end of your project, we pledge to serve all your heating and cooling needs while exceeding your expectations.  Our combination of experience, knowledge, and ability to provide quality craftsmanship are second to none. 

Visit www.totalcomfortmech.com for more information.

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High Utility Bills this summer? Money-saving tips that actually WORK

Are high utility bills getting you down this summer? Keeping your Massachusetts home air-conditioned and comfortable can be expensive. Everyone's trying to beat the sweltering July and August heat and energy consumption is high. The good news is there are actually some very simple things you can do to keep costs down without investing a fortune.


Turn off ceiling fans when not in use

Some people believe that keeping a ceiling fan running all the time, even when the room is unoccupied, will keep the room cooler than if turned off. While they do help circulate air, ceiling fans have no effect on the temperature of the area. They simply redistribute already conditioned (or unconditioned) air and make it feel cooler because it's creating a breeze against your body. Leaving the fan on while the room is empty will not make the room any cooler upon your return. Turn them off when leaving a room to prevent wasted electricity.

Go Green (and not the way you're thinking, either)

We're talking actual green in color - whatever shades appeal to you : forest green, emerald green, moss or fir. Adding more trees and bushes to your home's exterior not only provides a more beautiful landscape, but can considerably block the amount of solar heat beaming on the roof and through the windows. All that heat makes your air conditioning system work harder. In addition, if the air conditioning unit itself receives shading from trees or shrubbery, it can improve your AC's effectiveness up to ten percent!

Massachusetts lies in the "temperate" area on the US Dept. of Energy's climate region map. Unlike the hot and arid Southwest and hot and humid Southeast, energy-saving landscaping strategies for this area must be balanced - keeping heat out in summer and keeping it in during winter months (see more at Landscape for Life).  

Get with the Program...

...with a digital programmable thermostat (DPT)!  Smart and relatively inexpensive, DPT's allow you to adjust the settings for a higher temperature when no one's home or during cooler parts of the day. With today's technologically-advanced controls you can truly set it and forget it, and even manage your home's central air conditioning system via mobile device. (Side note to self: if you're reading this article on a smartphone and you still don't have a digital t-stat yet, you should be embarrassed.)

Chill Out Down Under

If your home has a basement, why not convert it into a summer family room or hangout? Naturally cooler than the rest of the home, the basement can provide instant relief on a hot day. Be careful about opening basement windows though, especially during very hot and humid weather. Damp, tropical air can cause surface condensation which will increase indoor humidity as well.

To be absolutely certain you are obtaining optimal efficiency from your home's A/C system, schedule a system maintenance check with us. We will check multiple factors to ensure all air conditioning system components are operating properly, that the system is meeting the manufacturer’s expectations for efficiency, and recommend alternatives if not.

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Reduce your Heating Bill without Freezing

No Heat
You don’t have to freeze to save on your heating bill this winter.

Did you know that heating and cooling your home uses more energy than any other system in your home and accounts for approximately 56% of your total utility bill or more? With recent forecasts for a spike in this winters’ fuel costs – it’s a wise decision to prepare for the colder weather ahead. Following a few small steps can help you to save big on your home heating costs.

Why Massachusetts residents should pay attention

According to energy.gov:

  • Natural Gas customers will pay an average of $679 this winter for heating, up 13% from last year.
  • Electricity customers will pay $909, up 2 %
  • Propane customers in the Northeast US will pay $2,146; an increase of 11%
  • Heating oil customers will pay $2,046, down 2%.

Here are a few strategies for reducing your heating bill this winter:

  1. Use a programmable thermostat. Save money by simply setting your thermostat 10 degrees lower when you’re away from home or asleep.
  2. Keep air vents clean and uncovered so heat can easily flow throughout your home.
  3. Use natural sunlight to your advantage. Open drapes when you are getting direct sunlight, then close them at night to keep heat from escaping. Think of the sun as a heater and your drapes as a blanket.
  4. Make sure the damper in your fireplace is closed when not in use.
  5. Replace the air filter at least once a month.
  6. Schedule a heat system check-up with a reputable heating contractor. Regularly scheduled maintenance of your heating system keeps it running most efficiently and increases the life of the equipment.

Many states, including Massachusetts, offer rebates for homeowners who invest in Energy Star products which utilize the latest technologies designed to consume less energy. These incentives being offered are above and beyond Federal Tax Credits for installing approved heating and cooling systems. For example, Massachusetts utility customers can receive up to an additional $300 mail-in rebate from Cool Smart on qualifying installations. Check with your local HVAC contractor experts at Total Comfort Mechanical for more information.

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