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Total Comfort Club - HVAC Maintenance

Total Comfort Club customers receive first-in-line service and save money on repairs and equipment. Regular maintenance allows minor repairs to be caught before they become major, costly replacements. Take a look at these benefits:

  • 10% Discounts - on parts and labor for repairs. You save each time!
  • Priority Service - Comfort Club members get to “cut in line” ahead of non-members, even at our busiest times!
  • Reduced rates on Late night / Emergency service
  • Seasonal Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance - included at no additional charge (when done during scheduled times). Tune-ups save you money!
  • Free Reminders - Take this one off your “to-do” list. We handle everything to keep you on schedule!
  • Increased Equipment Life - The #1 reason for system failure is dirt! Properly maintained equipment lasts longer. By testing it, we re likely to identify failing parts and suggest its replacement to avoid unexpected equipment breakdown.
  • Increased Equipment Rated BTU’s & Efficiency - Studies have found that if a cooling system is 23% undercharged it would result a 52% decrease in efficiency. This means a high efficiency system could be running at a 15-year old efficiency rating! To eliminate this potential problem, we test all cooling systems electronically for the proper charge.
  • Lower Utility Bills  - properly maintained equipment keeps more energy dollars in your pocket.
  • Peace of Mind - your system is safety-checked, it’s saving you money, and it’s working correctly. If it’s not, you know who to call!
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